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The NTRA Intuitive Tarot Course

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This affordable course gives you all the knowledge and skill training required to become a professional Tarot reader. You will be able to read for your friends and family or to work as a professional reader.

The course covers a wide variety of Tarot related topics to ensure that students are fully conversant with the important ethos and methodology of being a Tarot reader.

You will discover a method of learning that allows you to interpret the cards and does not rely on having to memorise standard interpretations.

You will be able to give meaningful readings using your intuition.

You will learn the importance of caring for yourself and your cards.

The course gives you the ability to study at your own time and in any place that is convenient to you.

There are no course deadlines and you will get lifetime access to course materials.

You will receive the NTRA Intuitive Online Course Certificate of Completion,  which can be automatically download after 100% completion the course. This will give confidence to both you and your clients.

On completion of this course NT.RA Members will have the additional benefit of being registered as an NTRA Accredited Member

Learn to read The Tarot, our Intuitive Tarot Course covers everything you need to learn to interpret the cards, give readings for family and friends or start your own business as a Tarot Professional.

You will also learn safe business practices right from the start.

The NTRA Intuitive Tarot Course contains 11 Modules, each with a range of self test exercises. Study in your own time at your own pace.




First Steps

The origins of Tarot / A Few Tarot Basics / Choosing Your Pack / Specialist Knowledge / Bond With Your Cards / Preparation / Cleansing / Shuffling




Fine Tuning Your Senses. Simple Meditation Techniques. including candle meditation. Relax your mind and open up to the universe.



Developing Your Senses

Develop inner and outer senses as you explore your sense of smell, touch, hearing and sight. Some practical fun experiments for you to try and be amazed at the results.



Preparing Yourself

Opening and Closing explained. Protection techniques, the importance of an aura.



Meet ‘The Fool’

First steps in the Major Arcana. Discover what The Fool can tell you about your new beginnings.



Get to Know the Major Arcana

The Major Arcana cards explained. Learn how to look deeply at images and the beginnings of understanding how your intuition works in relation to the cards. Main Ideas and Basic Interpretations. Reversed Meanings



Sample Readings

Simple Reading Analysis. Question and Answer Readings. Over to You – you choose the appropriate cards in response to questions asked. Learn how cards relate to each other.



The Minor Arcana

Beginnings with the Minor Arcana. The Four Suits of Cups, Wands, Swords and Pentacles explained. Ideas and basic interpretation, using your own intuition to allow the cards to speak to you.



Sample Readings

Reading practice. Mixing Major and Minor Arcana. Positive and Negative. Tell Your Story. Spreads to try – 1 Card, 3 Card, 7 Card Horseshoe, 7 day, Celtic Cross. Calendar Spread.



Self Protection

Protection and Growth. More Opening & Closing Techniques. Grounding. Meditation and Visualisation.



The Business of Being a Tarot Reader

Keeping Accounts. Tips and Information About Being Self Employed. How to Build Your Business Safely, true case histories to help you understand how professionals readers work online, telephone readings, psychic fairs and one to one readings.


Intuitive Tarot Course